Learning Communities

By on July 27, 2016

CIRTL-UTA is accepting applications for fall 2018. If you are interested to receive a Learning Community Builder Grant of $500 (one time), please visit our LEARNING COMMUNITY (LCB) BUILDERS GRANT page.

Learning Community: Effective Methods for Engaging Students in Engineering

Community Leader: Arpita Bhatt, Ph.D., Civil Engineering

Learning Community: Improving Teaching with Psychology

Community Leader: James Schaeffer, Ph.D. candidate, Psychology

Learning Community: Strategies for Creating Effective Learning Communities in the Classroom

Community Leader: Shafaq Moten, Ph.D. candidate, Physics

Learning Community: Core Strategies in Teaching in Undergraduate STEM Lab Classes

Community Leader: Goutam Sarker, Ph.D. candidate, Biology

Learning Community: Getting Started with TAR Projects

Community Leader: Christopher Abrego, Ph.D. candidate, Mechanical Engineering